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Art Director + Graphic Designer = Creative Thinker



What does that mean for you?  It means I am more than just an art director or more than a graphic designer even. I am a Creative Thinker, who is a combination of the two. Your ultimate goal is to get your business noticed and gain more clients. I can create a look and feel for your business that will do just that…make you stand out from your competition! In other words, I transform businesses by creating opportunities that you never knew were there. To read what others had to say about me, click here.


With Lacey Creative you get EXPERIENCE! My extensive background in advertising and marketing working alongside some of the best and brightest in my industry at top shelf, best-in-the-game, creative agencies. I’ve worked with clients like, Coca-Cola, M&M Mars, Bushel Boy Tomatoes and Home Depot, just to name a few. Currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you get my experience over the past 11 years of entrepreneurial thinking as the Creative Thinker at Lacey Creative. Working on clients such as HealthPartners, Minneapolis Aquatennial, Amerilab Technologies and a number of Mom & Pop start-up companies.


For the past 23 years, I have been creating award-winning work for a diverse client base.

I am successful at bringing communication desires to life, delivering solutions in the traditional media areas (i.e. logo, corporate identity, print and direct mail…etc.) In addition, I have an extensive network of highly-skilled specialists that can contribute value to all phases of the advertising process. So if you’re looking for something bigger, Lacey Creative can make that happen. Getting you noticed by the audience that needs your product or service is my main purpose.


Your goal should be not only to find the right graphic designer for the job, but to find someone with whom you have a positive working relationship. I am that person. One that will give you those eye-catching marketing materials and more importantly, get YOU noticed. You get the same top-quality, professional, ego-free personality put into every job no matter the size. I push the envelope. I am always here and always thinking.

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What I bring to the table:

• 20+ years experience
• Extra-Ordinary value
• Project Management (start to finish.)
• Quality work delivered on time, on budget
• Excellent Customer Service
• Very Responsive


Why Hire Lacey Creative

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Do you want your business to get noticed
and stand out from your competition?


The impression you leave potential clients with is the opportunity to have a successful business transaction or not. You should take advantage of that! That is were I come in. My main goal is to help your business grow by creating a look that will make potential customers come to you rather than your competition.

My purpose and passion is to bring your company to life through an impactful first impression with memorable, attention getting marketing materials. If you are just starting up as a company or have an established business and are frustrated because of the lack of consistency in all of your marketing materials, I can help.

Your business is an investment and you want to get the most out of that investment by getting more clients that make you more profitable. The more attention you put into your overall look in the beginning, the more you will get in the end.

In an era of confusing online open source websites offering you prices that sound too good to be true, they often are. With me, I listen and ask questions that you may not have thought of. I get to know your business by doing research on your target market, on your competitors and applying that learning to how we create your ultimate brand.


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I am always thinking!



I see the job all the way through until it is delivered to you.


Creative Process


There are a number of stages that my creative process covers. They are as follows:

1. The Brief. I conduct a face to face with the client (if possible) and talk with them about their wants and needs. I have created a “Branding Checklist” that all potential clients fill out to help me get to know your business and expedite the process.

2. Research & Brainstorming. I do intensive research about your business, your competitors and most importantly, your target market. I am able to look at their competitors and find out what makes them stand out from one another.

3. Sketching. I start developing logo design concepts. Ideas flow quicker with a pen and paper, rather than a mouse and monitor. An idea can come ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. That’s why I carry a sketchbook wherever I go. I am always thinking.

4. Develop Digitally. I now take all of those sketches and bring them to life in vector art. More ideas may show themselves during this stage.

5. Internal Editing. I take the logo that I have developed and narrow them down to the best3-4 idea that I present to the client.

6. Initial Presentation. This is the first time the client will be looking at the logo’s I’ve developed. In this stage the client is encouraged to take a look at everything. If they like the type in one and the graphic in another, let me know.

7. Revise. From the group of logos presented, we usually narrow down the field to the top two and I continue to explore those. This is the revision stage. This step is repeated as many times as it takes to get you what you want.

8. Final logo is presented. The agreed upon logo is presented and delivered in various formats. Both for print and web. You own all the rights, I own nothing.

This process is relatively the same regardless of the design project I am working on for you. In other words, I work with you, listen to feedback and solve your problems.


All My Logos
All My Print
All My TV

All My Logos
All My Print
All My TV


 There is nothing better than Satisfied Customers. Below are some written testimonials of clients that have worked with me in the past. I am happy to say that I have a 100% satisfaction rate.

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